Online payments acceptance

We enable online payment acceptace from your business’ website in a secure, easy and quick way.

B-Quantum comprises three e-commerce product lines:

Payment button: This tool is inserted into a website to enable the collection of sales to your customers in a simple and fast way.

Recurring payment solutions: This collection system allows your customers to schedule periodic payments which are charged to a credit card. It is enabled through a contract between your business, the cardholder and the acquiring bank.

Integrations with third-party applications: these are the developments carried out together with customers and businesses in order to integrate the payments button with any page or application developed by a third party.

Through our payment gateway:

  • Receive payments from different sources, such as debit and credit card.
  • Guarantees the fraud control.
  • Access a double security system.
  • Ensure monitoring of your business transactions.